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Here are some of the training programs we offer:

    Communication & Leadership Workshops for Students

    The single most important skill to have for a successful career is communication skills. It’s best to start instilling these skills in children at a young age. Even at school/college level, soft skill development is getting more attention these days as presentations and public speaking are becoming part of the curriculum. In order to help students improve their communication skills, we offer different types of workshops like the ones listed below.

    Effective Communication for a better future, Public Speaking for Success,Body Speaks,Foresee (4C) your future,Boost your productivity

    Personality Development Programs

    Is your child shy and reluctant to interact with others? RCLI offers programs for students to develop their personality. Our program is focused on getting the children out of their shell and boosting their confidence by providing them a platform to develop, practice, and improve their communication skills. We assess the students individually, provide them feedback, and work with them to close the gaps. The goal of this program is to mold our next generation to be confident and ready to take up the challenges that come their way.

    Advanced Communication Programs

    For the students who are already into public speaking and would like to expand their skills, we offer a continuous program called the Student Leadership Program. It provides the students a platform to practice their skills and continuously improve them. Students are given the opportunity to showcase and improve different kinds of skills like impromptu speaking, structuring a speech, effective delivery, debate skills, storytelling etc.

    Custom Training

    If you have a specific need, be it spoken English training, interview training, or improving certain aspects of your communication skills, we can help out. Reach out to us and we will come up with a custom plan based on your needs and goals.

    Project Management Workshops

    Project management workshops focusing on different knowledge areas are offered to working professionals. Coaching for PMI certifications is also offered.

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